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Episode 68: Big Words and Post-Christian America

Phil declares America “officially” post-Christian.  Skye uses big words to confuse him.  Christian laughs at them both. Then we discuss a piece Skye wrote recently about the overuse of technology in schools that some people just didn’t get. Mostly because he wrote it as a satire about smoking.  Yeah.  All this, and the end of Western Civilization!

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    5 months ago

    The reasons Skye’s article probably got a bad reaction is that
    one , his reader ship audience is automatically going to be
    made up of people who are wildly anti-smoking and were
    so aghast at the suggestion and mention of smoking they
    mentally tuned out and maybe even stopped reading and
    two , Skye comes across as so dry and humorless , most of
    the time , that people don’t expect sarcasm from him .

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