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Episode 257: Space Worms and Post-Church Church w/Jo Saxton

Our favorite Nigerian-British-Minnesotan author/speaker/thinker Jo Saxton returns to the show to talk about church and discipleship in an increasingly post-church world. If you’re in a community that doesn’t want church services at all, maybe tweaking your church service isn’t the right answer. But what is?? Jo describes experiments from Sheffield, England that she and others are now applying to the US. Plus, how denomination accurately predicts a pastor’s political affiliation, and Phil finds a story about space worms and can’t stop talking about it. Seriously. He can’t stop. This week on the podcast! 3DMovements Website Jo Saxton’s Website Listen...

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Episode 256: Dancing with Atheists w/Justin Brierley

Engaging with the world’s leading atheists and skeptics can have an impact on your own beliefs. How so? Let’s ask Justin Brierley! Back from across the pond, our favorite British radio host and atheist whisperer describes how repeated run-ins with Richard Dawkins and other prominent skeptics have affected his faith. Plus Christians indulge in fake news and Orthodox Jews indulge in chicken swinging. Which is worse? We can’t say. On the podcast! Listen to the episode | Download the episode | Find this episode on iTunes Get Your FREE Preview of Justin Brierley's NEW...

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Episode 254: Rethinking Our Response to Abortion w/Angie Weszely

Christians have been fighting to change abortion laws for decades now. What if the solution to abortion wasn’t in politics, but in the local church? Angie Weszely joins the podcast to talk about her ministry, “ProGrace,” that seeks to change the dialogue about one of our thorniest cultural topics. Plus, pastor says, “I can walk on water,” crocodiles say, “No you can’t!” This week on the podcast! Listen to the episode | Download the episode | Find this episode on...

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Episode 253: Inside “The Bible Project” w/Tim Mackie and Jon Collins

What if you could explain the Bible to the whole world? Visually? On YouTube? Timothy Mackie and Jonathan Collins are doing just that with The Bible Project, a theologically rich, crowd-funded visual guide to the Bible that has earned more than 23 million views on YouTube. We’re big fans, so we’ve got them on the show to tell us what they’re up to and what they’ve learned trying to explain the Bible to, well, everyone on Earth. PLUS – “faith-based” films. Does the label help or hurt Christian filmmaking? This week on the podcast! Listen to the episode | Download the...

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Episode 252: Who is God? with John Mark Comer

Who is God? No, really. This is the single-most important question determining how we live our lives, according to our guest John Mark Comer, whose book God Has a Name explores the nature of the God of the Bible, how we get him horribly wrong, and why getting him right is so vital. Plus… how do you know if you’ve left evangelicalism? And why was British comedian Stephen Fry just investigated for blasphemy?? Want us to send you the prologue to John Mark Comer’s book for free? Just click here! Listen to the episode | Download the episode | Find this episode on...

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Episode 251: Listener Questions Galore!

Phil and the gang open the virtual mailbag and answer a host of questions from listeners.  Will social media bring about a new Reformation?  How do you know if a doctrine is “essential?”  Does Skye have anything GOOD to say about the American church?  Favorite faith films, and more!  This week on the podcast! You can download the first two chapters of Skye’s new book for free by clicking this link… Check it out! Tell your friends! It’s a fun read (with pictures and everything!) that could actually change your life, or the life of someone you love. Listen...

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Episode 250: What’s Wrong With Religion?

Is religion good? Or bad? If we try to get rid of it entirely, does that help? Or just make things worse? And how do so many people get the basic message of Jesus so completely wrong? Today we dive into Skye Jethani’s new book – What’s Wrong With Religion? – to wrestle with some absolutely fundamental questions about walking with Jesus. Plus – education and church attendance might go hand-in-hand after all, and a great worship band might not be what your church needs most. Oh… and muddy jeans as a sign of the end times. Really expensive...

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Episode 249: Marching for Science & Taking the “Benedict Option”

As the culture moves further away from traditional Christianity, some propose Christians need to move further away from culture, taking the “Benedict Option.” Is a return to more communal Christianity the answer to what ails us? Also, Americans march for science and against… hmm… what, exactly? And Fox News has a moral crisis, but do conservative Christians care? This week on the podcast!   Listen to the episode | Download the episode | Find this episode on...

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Episode 248: Veggies on SNL, “Seasonal” Eggs and Finding God in a Gorge with Paul Pastor

Bob and Larry make a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live and the Prime Minister of Great Britain gripes that her Easter eggs have been replaced with “seasonal” eggs! Plus Phil and the gang talk about hearing from God through quiet reflection with wood chopping Portland author Paul Pastor (not to be confused with Phil’s non-wood-chopping puppet Pastor Paul). This week on the podcast!   Listen to the episode | Download the episode | Find this episode on...

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