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Releasing DVD 11

Phil and What’s In the Bible team are getting ready to release DVD 11. In this video VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer and the cast of Buck Denver Asks…What’s in the Bible? talks about the most moving part of writing this DVD–turning bad into good. Volume 11: Spreading the Good News! will send your family on a journey through the book of Acts — starting with Pentecost, following Jesus’ disciples as they spread the Good News through the world, and watching the conversion and ministry of Saul. To watch more from this Christian kids series on the Book of Acts: Find out more about What’s In The Bible? and other kids Bible videos at...

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Episode 32: Guest Rob Vischer

In the first Phil Vischer Podcast of 2013, Phil’s brother Rob Vischer ¬†(Dean of St. Thomas Law School) joins the crew to discuss gay rights and the effect on groups like the Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church. Homosexuals, nuns and Boy Scouts, oh my! ¬†Tune in for the fun!   Download here: Episode...

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