In case you've been hiding under a rock, well… first of all, get out from under that rock!  It's dirty and buggy under there! Okay, now that you're out – the new VeggieTales movie comes out this Friday!  In theaters!  Everywhere!  You're going to see it, right?  Because opening weekends are kind of important nowadays… so go see it!  Friday!  Or Saturday!  Twice, if you like it!  Or maybe three times!

If you haven't noticed, Universal is really doing a lot to get the word out.  I've heard reports that Pirate movie ads are all over downtown Chicago and Manhattan on cabs and bus stops.  My friend Paul at Pixar says he passes a Pirates billboard every day driving to work.  Here's a shot someone sent me of a big Pirates billboard on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood!  (You can even see the Hollywood sign in the corner…)

Pirate Movie Billboard

Not bad, eh?  I'm not entirely sure how many conservative Christian families live in downtown Chicago, Manhattan, San Francisco or Hollywood, but heck, you gotta give 'em an 'A' for effort!  And there are TV spots, too!  I walked into a pizza restaurant yesterday and there was a Pirate spot playing on their TV, which was tuned to Nickeolodeon.  So a lot of people are going to know about the new VeggieTales movie.  The real question is, of course, how many will go see it?  Ask me that question next Monday.

I'll be in Nashville Wednesday for the premier and a bunch of press interviews… I'll be on Janet Parshall's radio show on Wednesday, and Michael Medved's show on Friday.  We should start to see reviews popping up in the next few days.  That's always fun…

In semi-related news, here's a good, fairly philosophical interview with me about the whole Big Idea adventure on a website called "The High Calling."  Check it out if you're feeling thoughtful.  Oh… and stop seeing that Chipmunk movie!  $176mm for talking chipmunks is ridiculous!  Save your money for talking vegetables this Friday!

Gotta get back to work…