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Episode 215: Back to Church, Out of Prison, Off to Mars

What events would bring the most people back to church? Which celebrity has Rick Warren’s book helped now? Are American Christians “persecuted” in their own special way? Are astronauts too boring for reality TV? And what failure of the church might be driving people to Donald Trump? Christianity Today editor Katelyn Beaty joins Skye and Phil to run through a grab bag of issues in this particularly nutty installment of the podcast! Listen to the episode | Download the episode | Find this episode on...

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Episode 210: Returning to Hell with Preston Sprinkle

Author, speaker and wonderfully-named Christian thinker Preston Sprinkle joins the crew to continue the conversation about what the New Testament does and doesn’t say about Hell. Plus we discuss Preston’s new book on discipleship in the church and a poll showing stark differences in views of our presidential candidates between white and black Christians in America. Another fun week on the podcast! Listen to the episode | Download the episode | Find this episode on iTunes Click Here for a Free guide to Phil’s Favorite Resources For Teaching the Bible to...

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Ham on Nye Post Mortem

Well, that could have been worse.  Last night at the Creation Museum in Kentucky, young earth creationist (YEC) ringleader Ken Ham took on children’s TV personality and playfully bow-tied atheist Bill Nye in a debate to – once and for all – settle the matter of whether or not YEC is a valid model for explaining origins.  Suffice it to say, the matter was not settled. And, for reasons I will explain, the only “knockout blows” landed by the combatants were to themselves, rendering the entire event fairly ineffectual.  Here’s why… First, I’m going on the premise that both...

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The Bible and the “Big Bang”

If you've watched "What's in the Bible?" #1, you probably noticed that I made a very brief, joking reference to the "big bang theory" when we talk about Creation.  I've had a few fans write to complain about the joke, because they believe the big bang theory is anti-Christian, and therefore shouldn't be mentioned in any way in a Christian video.  At first I was surprised by the response, since the reference was just a humorous aside, but I'm thinking now I probably need to address it head-on before too many people get concerned at Phil making "un-Christian" jokes.  So let's talk a bit about the big bang theory, because it actually isn't un-Christian at all.  Actually, it's quite the opposite. Here's what I mean:  The big bang theory states that the universe is expanding in all directions from one point (which is verifiably true), and therefore must have come into existence at one point in time and space.  In other words, the universe has a beginning.  This was a very radical thought at the time it was suggested because many scientists, especially atheist scientists, previously maintained that the universe was "eternal."  It "always was."  This was their best way of getting around a need for God.  "We don't need an eternal God to explain the universe," they would say, "because the universe itself never had a beginning.  The...

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