Hope your Christmas was truly merry… we all had fun here in Wheaton.  Well, sort of.  Actually, the Monday after Thanksgiving my wife Lisa wound up in the hospital for an emergency appendectomy.  While she was in surgery, our youngest daughter Sydney was diagnosed with pneumonia.  Whee!  Fun times!  I ended up bouncing in between my wife in the hospital and my daughter laid up at home.  By the time they both recovered, I had come down with a nasty head/chest thing that put me in bed for a few days.  So we got our tree up just in time to throw some presents under it and open them a few days later.  I'm still sniffly, but on the mend, and will hopefully have my voice back in time to record the next veggie project late next week in Nashville.  (If Bob sounds a little hoarse on the next VeggieTales live show, you'll know why.)

My book detailing my adventure with Bob and Larry and Big Idea Productions, Me, Myself & Bob, can't be found in stores until January 9th.  Well, that's only partly true.  Actually, my dad called me about 10 days ago and said, "I just bought two copies of your book!" and I said, "What?!?  It isn't on sale yet!"  Turns out the books had arrived at his local Christian bookstore, who, in their great excitement, failed to notice the books were not supposed to be sold until January 9th.  Apparently this isn't the only store to set them out ahead of time, because I've gotten a couple emails and my mom has bumped into a few folks who have also already picked up, and, in most cases, finished reading the book.  Several said they read it in one sitting, complimenting it as a "good read."  They laughed, they cried… it moved them, Bob.  (Okay veggie fans, which video is that quote from?)

So you may or may not have to wait until the 9th to get your hands on what is sure to be the best telling of the life and death of a vegetable-based ministry ever committed to print.  And I mean it when I say that.

Check it out.  You can still preorder from Amazon or Christianbook.com.  Oh… and Happy New Year.  2007 will be a very interesting year for me and Jellyfish Labs.  Trust me… it's going to be fun…