About a month ago, The Phil Vischer Podcast had to change podcast hosting services. This resulted in more flexibility and lower costs. However, a few wrinkles have popped up in this technology change. We are very sorry for any issue this has caused you – but we’re glad you love the podcast and are grateful that you listen on a weekly basis.

When you set up a podcast, it must be hosted as a feed. People can then subscribe to this feed (If you want to subscribe to Phil’s feed, you just go here: http://philvischer.com/feed). We’ve updated this feed to automatically include new podcasts, so if you subscribe there – you’re good to go!

However, some people like to subscribe to the podcast through iTunes. Unfortunately, when we switched podcast services, it required submitting a new feed to iTunes. So, now you will see two different podcasts both titled “the phil vischer podcast”–one has the old episodes, while the other will have all of the new episodes going forward. We are currently not able to collapse these into one iTunes podcast under The Phil Vischer Podcast title.

After we have posted a few episodes, we can submit a formal request that iTunes combines the two podcast pages so that only one shows up. So, basically, we are waiting on Apple.  But, for now, if you like to download Phil’s podcast in iTunes, you can find Phil’s new podcast page in iTunes here.

If you subscribe, you will automatically get all of the new episodes delivered in iTunes.

We are sorry for the inconvenience for those of you who must resubscribe in order to get the automatic delivery from iTunes. Thanks for listening!