Whoa, hey wow.  The 50 DVDs went very quickly!  So… we'll try to let you know if you were one of the first 50 to request a "What's in the Bible?" sample DVD, and we'll be sending out those DVDs in the next few days.

And remember the deal:  If you get one, you need to watch it and share it with your friends!  Pass it around your church, if you can.  We're trying to start a bit of a new movement in biblical literacy for kids, and we need your help.  That's what the free DVDs were for!

I had a great time over the weekend in Souther California with a bunch of kids pastors from the Assemblies of God – they were very excited to hear about What's in the Bible? and see a few clips.  Now I'm off to Boston to meet with the good folks at Christian Book Distributors and get them pumped up about the new effort.  The new series will be exclusively available through Christian channels for at least the first year or so as we try to rebuild some excitement in Christian bookstores around kids ministry.  So if there isn't a Christian bookstore in your area, our friends at CBD will be your best way to pick up the new series.

Gotta head to the airport now…