I just got back from the International Christian Retail Show (formerly "CBA") in Atlanta, where I had a few good Jellyfish meetings but also spent a lot of time helping Big Idea promote the Pirate movie.  The highlight was a big event for the film at the Georgia Aquarium, the new $200 million gargantuan aquarium that houses everything from beluga whales to not one, but two adult whale sharks.  The event was in the ballroom, which features one huge glass window looking into the beluga tank, and another looking in on the monstrous whale sharks.  Very cool!

Big Idea asked me to get up and talk, setting up the film, then they showed about 22 minutes of finished footage, which looks really, really good.  (Kudos to Mike for everything he's done up in Toronto over the last year, as well as the rest of the team at Big Idea for helping out.)  One of my very favorite singer/songwriters of all time, Steve Taylor, wrote a song for the film which is being recorded by the Newsboys, so after the footage ran on the big screens (which the whale sharks really enjoyed, I think),  Steve Taylor and the Newsboys came out in tuxedos and performed "Yo Ho Heroes," a really rockin' tune that brought the house down.

The Newsboys had agreed to perform a few more songs, but the aquarium folk said one song was all the beluga whales could handle.

I kid you not.

As soon as Kurt Heinecke sends me some of the pictures he snapped at the event, I'll post them here.  A good time was had by all.  Even the belugas.