Courtesy of my friend and VeggieTales musical co-conspirator Kurt Heinecke.  The Pirate movie event was at the Georgia World Aquarium in their big ballroom… about 1000 people showed up for the party. (Click for full size.)



This beluga whale seemed to enjoy watching the movie clips through his big window.



Steve Taylor and the Newsboys rocked the house… 

Peter Furler

(Peter Furler whackin' some drums) 


Steve Taylor

(Steve Taylor… yes, that's a trombone)


whole gang

 (Taking their bows after bringing down the house)


The pirates worked the crowd before the show. 



Me signing movie posters…

phil signing


Me and my friend Eric Metaxas (author of the book "Everything You Wanted to Know About God But Were Afraid to Ask") admiring a whale shark…

whale shark


The Big Idea booth at the convention… the only booth sporting a 25 foot-tall Pirate cucumber.

giant cuke