Hey y'all…

So we're off to a pretty good start.  Everything seems to be working, and the team here in the lab is getting the hang of programming a tiny TV network.  (We've promised 15-20 minutes of programming per day, and on quite a few days we're coming in OVER 20 minutes.  Whee!)

Several have asked for ways to forward the demo clips to others, so we've enabled "sharing" on all the videos on the grown-ups page.  If you have a blog or a church website, you can now inbed those introductory videos into your site.  To do so, click on the video you want to inbed from the grown-ups page, and when the play control bar comes up there will be a new button on the far right for "sharing."  Click on that button and it will let you either email that video, or cut and paste inbed code into your web page.

Our next step will be to make some other sample shorts inbeddable, perhaps a few teaching shorts or a Michael's Movies short.  When we're closinig to launching the final site we'll start posting a few videos on YouTube, GodTube, etc. to make them even easier to share.  Feel free to tell us which videos you'd love to make "spreadable."

Hey… this weekend we've got a GREAT movie of the week… it's the first of the Last Chance Detectives films.  If you haven't seen these films before, be sure to stop by on Sunday and check it out.  They're really well done.

Also, next week we'll have daily Thanksgiving greetings from the cast, with a special poem from Buck Denver on Thanksgiving Day.  (He's rehearsing it backstage right now.  He gets so nervous!)  So stop by every day for a Thanksgiving greeting!  (We're gearing up for even more fun with Christmas right around the corner!  It's FUN having a network!  And a lot of work.  But it's fun work!)

I'd love to hear more of your ideas about how we can spread the word about JellyTelly.  We'll try to incorporate them as we get closer to launching the final site.

Jelly on!