We need four signatures to close the deal and get going on JellyTelly.  As of this morning, we have three of the four.  Three of the four!  That's pretty good, eh?  I mean, other than not having any of our funding, we're really doing pretty well, don't you think?  Other companies might have two out of four… or one out of four… or even, heaven forbid, zero out of four.  And we've got three out of four.

So really, I think we're doing quite well.  Other than not having any money, that is.  But at any moment now, we could have four out of four, and that would really be something.  Especially in these trying economic times when Joe the Plumber has a hard time buying his plumbing company and paying his health insurance premiums. 

Well, Joe the Plumber, I can't do much about your taxes, but I CAN help you find a great new mini-network/website thingie for your kids!

If we can just get one more signature…