Yes, it's Tuesday, but no, we aren't quite in the air yet.  Several documents are still circulating for needed signatures before we can receive our funding.  In the words of Pa Grape… "Oi vey."

In the meantime, we're working away at the beta site, which looks a little better every day.  We're having to juggle cash in ways that only fellow entrepreneurs would understand to keep JellyTelly moving forward.  But as long as I feel God calling us in this direction, juggle we shall.  And, God willing, we should be funded in another day or so and you'll have a great new kids website to sign up for in another week or two.

In related news, it appears the new owners of Big Idea/VeggieTales may in dire straits, if this article that ran in the Hollywood Reporter is to be believed.  The British company's stock price has collapsed from 35 pence per share when it purchased Classic Media and Big Idea 18 months ago to a low of 1.7 pence last Friday, creating talk that the owner of Bob and Larry may be nearing bankruptcy. Pray for our friends at Big Idea who are probably feeling a strange sense of deja vu right about now.

These are interesting times we live in, eh?  More news to come…