Okay, the new version of the JellyTelly site is up (as many of you have already noticed).  It doesn't have everything we had hoped to have quite yet (including the high scores mechanism, which will, hopefully, be added soon), but it's a good next step for JellyTelly.  Check out the February news update on the site for my exciting, "in person" explanation.  (It's almost like being there!)

You'll also notice we've opened the site up to everyone for free, which will, no doubt, surprise those of you who have gone to the trouble of subscribing.  Gathering feedback and looking at the results from our two month trial, we concluded the subscription model might not be right for us.  We had wondered all along if people would look at JellyTelly more like a Club Penguin ("we'd be happy to pay for this!") or more like a YouTube ("This is fun, as long as it's free!")  While we had some very enthusiastic subscribers, it appears the majority looked at the site more like a YouTube.  Perhaps people aren't ready to pay to watch video online, or perhaps we didn't have enough content yet or… (insert your theory here).

At any rate, we learned a lot from our beta test, and one of the things we learned is that requiring a subscription really limited our audience size.  (In fact, just in the 3-4 days the site has been completely free our audience has nearly doubled.)  So "free" equals bigger audience.  Of course, "free" also equals "no revenue," which creates certain issues.  So we're thinking through our business plan and talking with several potential partners about how to move forward.  We'll need to make some decisions in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

So ya see, here's the deal:  We're jellyfish.  God chooses our course, we stay in the center of His will and let Him worry about the details.  So we're being "carried" away from the subscription model for now, awaiting the new direction God has in mind.  It's an interesting experience… business, faith, God's will, our plans.  Hold your plans loosely and God tightly.  We'll see where we end up next…